Wednesday, 23 January 2013


In preparation for the Bloody Hells' first ever battle in Mantic Games' Kings of War tonight, I thought I'd quickly post up some images of the newest addition to the army, Blind Mungo, my Orc Giant.

I love this model, not least because it's pretty rare.  It's a resin cast of one of Mantic's three-up orc sculpts - the original large-scale sculptures that the 28mm miniatures are based on.  You can see from the photo at the top that, when compared to a 'normal' orc, this miniature is a monster!

At first glance, this miniature looks like
any other 28mm miniature... Until you see
the other orc...!

I began by painting the metallics in two
different tones before roughly highlighting
both with Chainmail.

I followed this with several black and brown
washes to 'dirty' up the metal before giving
the areas a drybrush of Chainmail.

I then highlighted the metals using lots of
thinned layers of Skull White to represent
light glinting off it.

I began the browns by basecoating them
with Scorched Brown, before washing the
areas with Devlan Mud.

I then built up the highlights from Bestial
Brown to Bleached Bone before finally
washing the areas with thinned Devlan Mud.

For the whites, I basecoated with Citadel's
new Ceramite White.  I then washed the areas
first with Devlan Mud, then with Regal Blue.

Finally I built the highlights up gradually
using lots of thinned coats of Ceramite White.

I began the skin with a 1:1 basecoat of
Vermin Brown and Scorched Brown.

I then built the colour up with a 2:1:1 mix
of Dwarf Flesh, Vermin Brown and
Scorched Brown.

The next highlight was simply pure
Dwarf Flesh.

I then added a 1:1 layer of Dwarf Flesh and
Skull White before a 3:1 layer of Skull White
and Bleached Bone.  I then gave it a 1:1 wash
of Ogryn Flesh and Gryphonne Sepia.

Finally, I re-applied the extreme highlights
before adding a glaze of Scorpion Green to
the most prominent areas to give it an
'orcish' look.

Finally, I added gallons of blood to the shield and axe by first painting it on with thinned Blood Red and then adding a 1:1 mix of Blood Red and Chaos Black onto the areas where the blood is the thickest.  Finally I added some gloss varnish to give it a really icky-sticky look!

I loved painting this miniature, even just to a gaming standard, and I think he was really worth all the effort.  Below are some images of the finished article:

If you want to see some more of The Bloody Hells, you'll find them in the Tabletop section of the Flare Gallery!

To see these and more of my miniatures...

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