Wednesday, 23 January 2013


In preparation for the Bloody Hells' first ever battle in Mantic Games' Kings of War tonight, I thought I'd quickly post up some images of the newest addition to the army, Blind Mungo, my Orc Giant.

I love this model, not least because it's pretty rare.  It's a resin cast of one of Mantic's three-up orc sculpts - the original large-scale sculptures that the 28mm miniatures are based on.  You can see from the photo at the top that, when compared to a 'normal' orc, this miniature is a monster!

At first glance, this miniature looks like
any other 28mm miniature... Until you see
the other orc...!

I began by painting the metallics in two
different tones before roughly highlighting
both with Chainmail.

I followed this with several black and brown
washes to 'dirty' up the metal before giving
the areas a drybrush of Chainmail.

I then highlighted the metals using lots of
thinned layers of Skull White to represent
light glinting off it.

I began the browns by basecoating them
with Scorched Brown, before washing the
areas with Devlan Mud.

I then built up the highlights from Bestial
Brown to Bleached Bone before finally
washing the areas with thinned Devlan Mud.

For the whites, I basecoated with Citadel's
new Ceramite White.  I then washed the areas
first with Devlan Mud, then with Regal Blue.

Finally I built the highlights up gradually
using lots of thinned coats of Ceramite White.

I began the skin with a 1:1 basecoat of
Vermin Brown and Scorched Brown.

I then built the colour up with a 2:1:1 mix
of Dwarf Flesh, Vermin Brown and
Scorched Brown.

The next highlight was simply pure
Dwarf Flesh.

I then added a 1:1 layer of Dwarf Flesh and
Skull White before a 3:1 layer of Skull White
and Bleached Bone.  I then gave it a 1:1 wash
of Ogryn Flesh and Gryphonne Sepia.

Finally, I re-applied the extreme highlights
before adding a glaze of Scorpion Green to
the most prominent areas to give it an
'orcish' look.

Finally, I added gallons of blood to the shield and axe by first painting it on with thinned Blood Red and then adding a 1:1 mix of Blood Red and Chaos Black onto the areas where the blood is the thickest.  Finally I added some gloss varnish to give it a really icky-sticky look!

I loved painting this miniature, even just to a gaming standard, and I think he was really worth all the effort.  Below are some images of the finished article:

If you want to see some more of The Bloody Hells, you'll find them in the Tabletop section of the Flare Gallery!

To see these and more of my miniatures...

Friday, 18 January 2013

Looking to the Future, and an Awesome Year Ahead

Well firstly, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

(Okay, so that's almost three weeks late, but I'm assured that it's the thought that counts...)

I'm really looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings and I already have several projects and events lined up for the early part of the year.

This post is a run-down of just a few of them...


The first and foremost will be my contribution to Heroes For Heroes which is an event being run by my friend Rid from Fanplastic Little Men.  From now until the end of March, a huge group of painters from far and wide - both professional and amateur - will be painting miniatures which will be auctioned on Ebay.  All of the proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Help For Heroes charity.  Help For Heroes provides direct, practical support to wounded, injured or sick Service personnel, veterans and their families.  This event has already had support pledged from companies like Tor Gaming, GCT Studios, Mantic Games, Cymbeline Games, Tabletop Nation and Gamerz Nexus, so if you would like to take part in this fun and very worthy event, go to the Heroes For Heroes Facebook page to find out more!

April will be a busy month for me event-wise, with two visits to wargaming trade shows, Diceni in Norwich and Salute 2013 at London's Excel Centre.  I'm really excited about these as I've never been to an 'independent' wargaming show before.

DICENI - 7th APRIL, 2013

The first of these will be Diceni on Sunday 7th April at The Forum in Norwich.

The official website ( has the following to say about the event:

Artwork by Matt Dixon
"Diceni is a gaming event that will be held at The Forum in Norwich, Norfolk on 7th April 2013 which will promote every aspect of gaming including tabletop, card and boardgames, LARP and RPGs.

Entry to Diceni will be free so why not come along and find out about gaming in all its varied and interesting forms? We will be covering historical, science fiction and fantasy genres and there will be a range of games being demonstrated - you will be able to take part in all of the games although you may have to wait your turn!

We are hoping to have Living History outside the front of the Forum and a local Sci-Fi group in costume as many of science fiction's most well known characters."

I look forward to going along and having a look around, especially as my friend Tom from Cymbeline Games will be there, plying his (very reasonably-priced) wares.  What interests me the most though is that there will be some award-winning painters from Platoon Britannica offering painting tips and advice - so I can't wait to see what new tricks I can glean!

SALUTE - 20th APRIL, 2013

Just two weeks after Diceni comes Salute (, one of  the largest independent wargames shows in the UK.  This event is going to be awesome, not least because I get to take my Kings of War orcs along and spend the day teaching Cymbeline Games and Fanplastic Little Men the true meaning of pain in a series of no-holds-barred 2000pt games!

On top of this, there's a really tightly-contested painting competition which takes place every year that, in all honesty, it'd be rude not to enter!  If you want to see any of the fantastic entries and winners from previous years, you can do so at the Salute Painting Competition Gallery.  Some examples of a few of my favourites are shown below:

Unknown Artist, Twilight Knight

Andy Dean, Eldar Farseer

Conrad Mynett, Wraith
Unknown Artist, Pirate

CLASH OF KINGS - 9th & 10th FEBRUARY, 2013

One of my bigger projects last year was to attempt to get an 1800pt Kings of War orc army assembled and painted ready for Mantic's Clash of Kings tournament on the 9th and 10th of February, 2013.  Sadly, although I had been greatly looking forward to this fantastic weekend of gaming, due to events out of Mantic's hands, they were forced to move the tournament to a different venue which, unfortunately, I am unable to get to.  This means that I will no longer be attending the tournament, but all is not lost!  Firstly, I have still managed to get all of my orcs painted (hurrah!) and there is no way I would have been able to do that without the deadline which the Clash of Kings gave me.  Also, as a few of my friends from the Chelmsford Bunker are also unable to now attend, we decided to hold our own gaming weekend in one of our garages - aptly named A Clash of Paupers - so there will still be plenty of blood spilled by my orcs!

'Archangel' by Scibor
Of course, it's not all about visiting trade shows and playing games - there will actually be some painting going on this year as well!

My first major project of the year will be Scibor's beautiful 'Archangel' miniature.  A fantastic winged knight, this can only be painted as the mighty Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels!  I can't wait for this one as his golden armour will be a great challenge to test my non-metallic metal mettle!

I'll be starting this project within the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for plenty of work-in-progress images as I go along.

Though the date is yet to be confirmed, I'm also looking forward to the Chelmsford Bunker's Bunker Brush 2013 competition.  I managed to (just about) win last year's competition against some extremely stiff competition with my Orc Flagger miniature.  This time will be even tougher, with everyone's skills improving since last year.  I'll be pulling out all the stops on the technical front this time with the beautiful yet simple 'Artemis' from Hasslefree Miniatures.  Obviously, there are plenty of areas of skin to practice smoothly-blended flesh tones, not to mention a huge shield which is begging for some non-metallic metal techniques.

In terms of gaming miniatures, I have several projects coming my way.  I'll be painting a Republique of France naval fleet for Spartan Games' fantastic Dystopian Wars, not to mention attempting to better the success of last year's 'Starkiron Tony' Dreadball miniature by painting a whole team of them!  And of course, where would I be without the magnificent Blood Bowl?  I'm hoping to be able to fit in (amongst all these other toys) one of Warlord Games' wonderful female dwarf teams.  They will be the Belladonna Brimstones and will look a little different to the dwarf  teams  you may be used to - 'Tiny tattooed Goths' are about the closest words I can find to fit the image in my head.

And with all of this in just the first part of the year, 2013 is going to be massive!

There'll be more updates soon.  I hope you've all got as much to look forward to as I have.